Jane and Sybil are on the verge of making the deal of their lives. They plan to convince the world-famous Italian lingerie designer, Bruno Fruferelli, to buy their “Passion Fashion Wear” line of lingerie. They have arranged to give him a private fashion show in a fancy hotel suite; the models are booked, the champagne is on ice and the sexy samples are on display. Jane and Sybil have anticipated every contingency—except the unexpected arrival of their jealous husbands, who inevitably jump to the wrong conclusions and set out to sabotage their wives’ activities. Combine suspicious spouses, stolen underwear and mistaken identities with 5 million dollars, a scantily-clad male model and a lecherous hotel security guard and you have the recipe for this giddy farce.

Marcia and I recently found out that our first play, “Who’s Under Where?”, has been translated into Polish. That makes 6 languages we’ve been translated into so far. The others are Greek, Turkish, Spanish, French and Mandarin.

Published by Samuel French Inc.