Acting Reviews

“Hughes injected a passion and sense of determination into his character that made the little hairs on the back of the head stand straight up.”

Barrie Examiner

Sleuth, Gryphon Theatre

“The highlight of the show, however, is Douglas E. Hughes as the first hunter – strong, slow, unruffled, utterly impervious to the self-important airs of his self-proclaimed superiors.”

London Free Press

Brothers in Arms, Shaw Festival

“Douglas E. Hughes is a magnificent Alfie and reason enough to go see this production.  His craggy face houses the saddest of eyes and the most hopeful of smiles.  The combination is devastating.”

Toronto Star

A Man of No Importance, Acting UpStage

“Hughes gives what is perhaps his best-ever performance.  He makes Alfie’s humility and pain so real your eyes constantly well up in sympathy for him.”

Eye Weekly

A Man of No Importance, Acting UpStage