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I’ve been a professional actor since 1979. In that time, I’ve worked in theatres across the country and in the U.S. I spent thirteen seasons as a member of the acting ensemble at the Shaw Festival, and another three at the Stratford Festival. I’ve also worked extensively in TV, film and voice-over. For the past 30 years, I’ve also been a playwright. To date, my writing partner Marcia Kash and I have penned six plays together, the first five of which (“Who’s Under Where?”, “A Party to Murder”, “Too Many Cooks”, “Jack of Diamonds” and “Something Fishy”) have all been published by Concord Entertainment. They’ve had over 300 productions in sixteen countries around the world, and have been translated into ten languages. Our sixth play, “Deadline”, premiered at the Human Race Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio in November of 2022. On my own, I’ve written a one-act comedy entitled Taken for Granted, as well as three screenplays: Hearing Trouble, Star Struck and A Different Corner. I’ve also written two novels, the comedy-thriller The Poor Player, and its sequel, The Shaming of the True. At present, Marcia and I are in the process of converting Jack of Diamonds into a screenplay.

  * 2008 Dora Award Nomination – Best Actor in a Musical

Who's Under Where?

Jane and Sybil are on the verge of making the deal of their lives.  They plan to convince the world-famous Italian lingerie designer, Bruno Fruferelli, to buy their “Passion Fashion Wear” line of lingerie.  They have arranged to give him a private fashion show in a fancy hotel suite; the models are booked, the champagne is on ice and the sexy samples are on display. Jane and Sybil have anticipated every contingency—except the unexpected arrival of their jealous husbands…

Jack of Diamonds

Jack is a former jeweller who made his living buying and selling diamonds via late-night TV ads.  He lives in a rather luxurious, privately owned retirement home along with fellow residents– the visually challenged techno-wizard Rose, the artistically gifted but forgetful Flora and the narcoleptic beauty Blanche.  Unbeknownst to the four of them, however, the man to whom they’ve entrusted their life savings—a smooth-talking financial adviser named Barney Effward—has been arrested for bilking his clients out of their savings through a Ponzi scheme…

Something Fishy

In the sleepy town of Port Walmsley, Ontario, on the northern shore of Lake Erie, local hero Raymond Bream is making his triumphant return to his hometown.  Raymond’s running for Prime Minister, and he’s come to town to make a major announcement that promises to put his campaign over the top and win him the majority he so fervently desires. Meanwhile, the incumbent Prime Minister has sent a couple of henchmen to town to prevent Raymond from making his announcement – by any means necessary…

Too Many Cooks

It’s 1932 in Niagara Falls, Canada, where the rum-running business is at its peak.  In the aftermath of the Crash, Irving Bubbalowe and his daughter, Honey, have risked everything they have to open a new gourmet restaurant.  When their star – the renowned singing chef François LaPlouffe – fails to appear, tonight’s grand opening is suddenly placed in jeopardy. However, when unemployed chef Frank Plunkett wanders in looking for work, Honey persuades him to masquerade as the missing LaPlouffe…

A Party To Murder

It’s Halloween and six people have come to play a murder mystery game hosted by renowned mystery writer Charles Prince on an island in the famous Cassandra Lakes.  They appear to be set for a weekend of fun; but when ghosts from the past begin to haunt them, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems.  The game takes on a sinister dimension as guests start turning up dead, and the others realize they’re now playing for their lives…

“Playwrights Marcia Kash and Douglas E. Hughes have embraced the mystery formula with cheeky charm and skilfully crafted an enjoyable trip through safe and cozy mayhem.”

London Free Press

A Party to Murder

“The late Dame Agatha. . . is probably nodding with approval from her picture over the fireplace. . . the tension folds and unfolds like an accordion, revealing hidden passageways, supernatural events, and a bevy of bodies building to a superb climax.”

The Kentucky Recorder

A Party to Murder

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