Something Fishy

In the sleepy town of Port Pilchard, Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie, local hero Raymond Bream is making his triumphant return to his hometown. Raymond’s running for President, and he’s come to town to make a major announcement that promises to put his campaign over...

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Who’s Under Where?

Jane and Sybil are on the verge of making the deal of their lives. They plan to convince the world-famous Italian lingerie designer, Bruno Fruferelli, to buy their “Passion Fashion Wear” line of lingerie. They have arranged to give him a private fashion show..

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Too Many Cooks

It’s 1932 in Niagara Falls, Canada, where the rum-running business is at its peak. In the aftermath of the Crash, Irving Bubbalowe and his daughter, Honey, have risked everything they have to open a new gourmet restaurant. When their star…..

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Jack of Diamonds

Jack is a former jeweller who made his living buying and selling diamonds via late-night TV ads. He lives in a rather luxurious, privately owned retirement home along with fellow residents-- the visually challenged techno-wizard Rose, the artistically gifted but...

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A Party to Murder

It’s Halloween and six people have come to play a murder mystery game hosted by renowned mystery writer Charles Prince on an island in the famous Cassandra Lakes. They appear to be set for a weekend of fun; but when ghosts from the past begin to haunt them, it becomes...

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Copies of the script and applications for production rights are available here on the Samuel French website.


Has now been published! You can order copies–and find more info on the play–here at the Samuel French website. Something Fishy premiered on June 30, 2016 in Port Dover, Ontario at The Lighthouse Festival. Check out the review here.


had its Polish-language premiere in the spring of 2016 in Warsaw at Teatr Komedia. And they’ll be premiering Too Many Cooks in February 2017!